2014 Identity Theft Predictions

Identity Theft Predictions Not A New Year CelebrationProtect Yourself in the New Year

Identity theft is rising each year at a frightening rate. The latest predictions for 2014 identity theft and other cyber crimes from Symantec (Norton Securities software company) indicate that businesses will step up their securities to allow for additional risk factors. They expect the following trends to surface in the coming year:

  1. People will search for ways to become more anonymous. There will be a growing concern for privacy as identity theft increases in the coming year. In an attempt to avoid this, people will rush to conceal their real identity by concealing who they really are and attempting to hide their identity. This may create an added problem: the act of keeping one’s identity secret appears suspicious. As a result, one of 2014 identity theft predictions is the development of new apps that allow people to conceal their identities. These apps have the potential for robust; adoption rates.

  2. Scammers, identity thieves, and cyber criminals will be present on every social network. More obscure social networks will not be immune to identity thieves. Lesser known platforms such as Tumblr and Digg will be just as likely to see a rise in cyber crime as Facebook and Twitter.

  3. There will be a higher level of vulnerability on the internet in all areas. There will be no place on the internet immune to this form of problem. Security measures will need to step up in order to combat the risks on all levels.

  4. Mobile apps will take center stage and bring its own set of security issues. App developers may have (or the ability to gain) access to personal information and preferences. 2014 identity theft concerns may shift to mobile apps, as more consumers are using more mobile devices here in the U.S. as part of their daily lives. Security apps will also need to be developed to attempt to arm individuals and businesses with tools to fight back on the war against cyber crime continues.

2014 Identity Theft Protection Includes Destruction of Records

With the increasing concern over identity theft in 2014, the destruction of sensitive documents and old records will become even more important. Those who must comply with HIPAA and FACTA know there is a right way and a wrong way to shred and destroy records and personal data. The most essential element is that the documents are completely and thoroughly destroyed, where no trace is left of the data that others could get their hands on.

When choosing to shred documents or electronic media, look for the NAID certification. We make sure that our shredding technicians at are knowledgeable about HIPAA, FACTA and other regulations related to protecting/destroying sensitive materials (paper, hard drives, etc.).

How will you protect your identity in 2014?