4 Security Myths, Paper Shredding & Electronic Media Destruction

And Why Electronic Media Destruction Is So Relevant

Internet SecurityEven a “paper based” business keeps documents in electronic form on computers. Any document drafted in word processing software or a spreadsheet program remains in an electronic form. Scanned documents and email also remain. Although you may regularly employ paper shredding for your confidential documents, computerized information remains vulnerable to electronic attacks.

Keeping electronic information safe is a matter of understanding how security breaches work. Believing the following myths places your electronic information in danger of being hacked.

Myth #1: Computers show obvious signs when infected.

Fact: Most computer infections have few noticeable effects.

Computer infections are developed to a point where they can infect your computer and collect data without any noticeable effect on computer performance.

Myth #2: Anti-virus software keeps computers secure.

Fact: Anti-virus software alone will not prevent all infections.

Electronic attacks become more advanced every day and anti-virus software normally will not update to combat new methods until after a customer is attacked. If you are that unfortunate first, your system will be down until the anti-virus software provides a solution.

Myth #3: Firewalls keep networks secure.

Fact: Even a mediocre hacker can discover a network’s weakness and break past a firewall.

According to Verizon’s 2013 Breach Investigations Reports, 78% of initial security breaches rated at “low” or “very low” difficulty, with less than 1% considered “highly difficult.” These incidents occur by knowing the weaknesses in firewalls. See page 49 of their full report.

Like anti-virus software, a good firewall program adds protection. But it is only as good as its weaknesses.

Myth #4: Only “illegitimate” sites spread malicious downloads.

Fact: Malicious downloads embed into the most “legitimate” web sites.

“Illegitimate” sites, including pornography, actually contain heightened web site security so they are infrequent victims of hackers. The most vulnerable web sites are ones considered “legitimate”, including leisure and entertainment web sites. The “drive by” malicious downloads from these sites can infect a computer without the user clicking a link or even suspecting an attack.

Paper Shredding & Electronic Media Destruction

It can take a year to recover from an electronic security breach, during which time you lose customer trust and revenue. Along with a solid paper shredding policy, an electronic security policy enhances the confidentiality of sensitive information.

Sergeant Shredder destroys hard drives and electronic media along with paper, so unneeded electronic information can be disposed of along with paper records. Contact us for more information.