Community & Shredding Events

A Cleaner & Less Cluttered Environment

At Sergeant Shredder we’re doing our part to make Southern California cleaner while not adding to our landfills.  Each year we support local charities with free shredding events. We donate our mobile shredding services for fundraising purposes. Non-profit organizations such as the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, local churches, schools and other charitable groups organize local shredding events. And, we’re proud to be a part of their community-related efforts.

Shredding Events for Non Profits

Many Southern California communities and organizations have “Shredding Days,” coordinating and publicizing designated dates and locations in local neighborhoods for the shredding of unwanted materials. 

Are you planning one for your organization? Call us to schedule a shredding event with a state-of-the-art Sergeant Shredder mobile shredding truck. It’s good for your organization and good for the environment.

Upcoming Shredding Events

We’re busy putting together the details on our next shredding events. Check our Facebook page for information about upcoming event dates and locations.