AOL Mail Breach

AOL Mail breach and AOL pinUsers to Change Passwords

Our mission at Sergeant Shredder is to help individuals and businesses protect their confidential and private information. Th AOL Mail breach is just another scary example of how information within electronic media is at risk.

The old slogan “You’ve got mail” as popularized by AOL could be reinterpreted as “Criminals have got your mail,” following a recent report on the AOL breach, signalling that accounts were compromised by criminal computer hackers.

Approximately 2% of AOL Mail accounts — about 500,000 users — were compromised, according to a recent post at Naked Security.

AOL Mail Breach & Spam

Word got out about the AOL mail breach after customers began complaining about spoofed emails being sent from their email addresses, noted Naked Security. In spoofing, a criminal will manipulate the “From” header in a message to make it look like it is coming from a legitimate source.

Lawbreakers typically use these fraudulent emails to send out links to websites that contain malware, such as viruses, or to sites selling “health” supplements and other dubious products.

What to Do If Your Email is Breached

  • Log into your account to change your password as soon as possible.
  • Use a password that is difficult to guess. Do not use words that appear in a dictionary, for example. Combine letters and characters to make it more difficult for people to guess your password. A good rule of thumb is: if you can remember the password, it’s not robust enough. Lastpass has a password generator that multiple levels of complexity (e.g type of characters, length of password, etc.)
  • Consider using a passphrases and 2-step authentication for enhanced security.
  • Update your security question (such as “what is your favorite restaurant?”)

Shredding Provides Ultimate Security

The professionally trained experts at Sergeant Shredder come from the ranks of former military, police and firefighters; we know all too well the damage that can be caused when criminals break into people’s email accounts. Human nature being what it is, the AOL mail breach is not likely going to be the last time criminals gain unauthorized access to innocent people’s email. By using a password that is difficult to guess and not using the same password for multiple accounts, you stand a better chance of keeping your email private and secure. Regular shredding also provides security, as criminals are also known to dumpster dive to gain access to your private information.

Were you affected by the AOL mail breach?