Teamed with Box Brothers For Shredding

Box Brothers for Shredding TooOur Green Partner

One of the best ways to increase the environmentally sound approach of any company is to partner with vendors who offer efficient, eco-friendly services. Business partners that work with you to minimize carbon footprints, use sustainable resources, and create efficient processes don’t just help you protect the environment — they also help with peace of mind knowing that your business is doing its part to protect our great nation’s natural resources.

That’s one reason we partner with Box Brothers for shredding services. The company itself makes eco-friendly choices in a niche that is known for creating disposable products and contributing to waste — like shipping materials which are often disposable. Box Brothers works with customers to create efficient, green transportation and storage solutions. We’re proud that many of our Southern California drop off outlets are within Box Brothers.

Let Customers Know You’re Green & Buy Local

A growing number of individuals and businesses — especially across The Southland — want to know they are dealing with eco-friendly companies. Make sure customers can see that you value green choices by selecting customized packaging and shipping materials that advertise the fact that you use recycled or recyclable boxes and supplies. Working with a local company also reduces the time spent in transit for supply orders, further reducing your business’s impact on the environment.

Box Brothers for Shredding

Many solopreneurs and micro businesses need to be smart about where they spend their time and money. Finding resources where you can perform multiple tasks to run your business — like sending out packages to customers, making color copies, shredding sensitive document — in one place just makes business sense.

You can reduce your travel and out-of-office costs by choosing Box Brothers for shredding when you have a few items. Sergeant Shredder partners with several SoCal Box Brother. We provide their secure document bins and professional-grade shredding  services.  They are a regular route customer for us, so we routinely stop by for onsite shredding. Afterwards, we recycle everything. That gives you yet another way for your business to participate in a greener SoCal.

Commitment to Sustainability

If your company is looking for ways to increase its environmentally-friendly choices, look to your business partners. Speak with vendors and manufacturers to find out what options are available in efficiencies, recycling, or sustainable materials. For example, all Sergeant Shredder bins are made from recycled materials and our locked bins are LEED accredited.

When you choose Box Brothers for drop-off shredding, you choose Sergeant Shredder. Got a larger shredding project? No problem, we’ll come to you with our eco-friendly shredding trucks. Our bonded and vetted shredding technicians are all ex-law enforcement, ex-military or ex-firefighters.

Who better to trust with your drop-off shredding needs? Sergeant Shredder and Box Brothers!