Business Document Shredding

Business Document Shredding: Business Card StackProtecting Sensitive Information

Business document shredding has never been more important. It is a key way to truly protect sensitive information within a business’ control. That means hard copies of important documents to electronic records management.

Businesses now use a staggering amount of information. It can run the gamut of trade secrets to potential new products to financial information on customers, and so on. All of this is sensitive information needs to be protected.

Employees, Turnover & Risk

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employees stay with their employer on average for 4.6 years. For some industries, this average can be much lower. So what does employee tenure have to do with business document shredding? I’m glad you asked. It affects:

  • Employee compliance training, especially if your business requires compliance with state and/or federal regulations like HIPAA or FACTA.
  • Information controls like access to sensitive documents like pricing sheets, budgets, and sales proposals.
  • Continuity of service to your clientele
  • Morale of those employees who stay
  • HR costs to fill open positions with qualified candidates.

Let’s take a look at how you can use business document shredding services to help protect the sensitive information used within a small or large enterprise.

Business Document Shredding in the Exit Process

When an employee gives their two-week notice, start to initiate an established exit process. This should begin with an exit interview as well as an assessment of what sensitive information and documentation that they have had access to. Be sure that all of this documentation is collected beforehand. This is going to ensure that they do not walk out the door with any documentation they can use against you and your company.

Utilizing a Professional Shredding Service

It may not be enough to simply rely on your employees to manually shred documents. When you entrust an employee to do this, you are opening up the chance that they could manipulate those documents. A professional business document shredding service guarantees that the sensitive information is destroyed completely, properly, and according to any compliance requirements.

We found that business succeed best when they put in the time and resources to properly eliminate any sensitive information that does not need to be retained. As a business owner, the more you control confidential data, it pays off. You reduce the risk of a data breach. You decrease the chance of proprietary information falling into the wrong hands.

Do you use business document shredding services? Remember, Sergeant Shredder can help whatever your shredding needs.