Business Sustainability & Vendors’ Vehicles

Business Sustainability & Going GreenAre You Outsourcing to Companies are Really “Green?”

If you’ve working on business sustainability and attempting to “go green,” here’s a new angle for you to consider: The heavy-duty vehicles your vendors operate may not be helping you clear the air.

Business Sustainability Regulations for Heavy Trucks

In California, changing emissions standards have some fleet operators up in arms. Without going into excruciating legal detail, the On-Road Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicles (In-Use) Regulation phases in requirements to have older vehicles replaced or retrofitted to meet 2010 standards over the next 10 years in an effort to curtail emissions. According to the California Environmental Protection Agency Air Resources Board:

“Most diesel trucks and buses last 20 years or longer and many have no emission controls. As a result, these vehicles emit large amounts of smog forming oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and toxic soot (also known as particulate matter or PM). All told, trucks and buses account for about 32 percent of the statewide emissions of NOx and about 40 percent of diesel PM emissions from all mobile sources. In California, the number of PM-related cardiopulmonary premature deaths from all sources is [approximately] 9,200 per year.”

Until the regulations take full effect in 2023, operators of heavy trucks – including professional document shredding companies – may be hitting the road with unfriendly emissions. This is not only a global problem, but also one that can hit you where you work if the vehicles in question are driving to and from your location, or idling for extended periods in your parking lot.

What to do?

  • Ask vendors who operate heavy-duty vehicles about the age of their fleets and emissions standards.

  • Inquire about vendors’ efforts to “go green,” whether with environmentally-friendly equipment, services designed to improve environmental efficiency, or “green” policies within their organizations.

  • Don’t forget that maintaining a healthy environment sometimes means using common sense. When trucks and large vehicles are on the premises, check ventilation. Even an eco-friendly vehicle isn’t “green” if it’s sending exhaust through an office window.

Go Green with Shredding

We recycle more than a million pounds of paper and eWaste every year. That’s a million pounds of refuse that doesn’t end up in our local landfills. Having shredding bins or consoles at your business is one of the easiest ways to go green.

In case you’re wondering, Sergeant Shredder adheres to the highest business sustainability standards. We use only state-of-the-art shredding trucks that are fuel friendly. Plus our shredding bins are made of recycled materials and are compliant with all Green regulations like LEED and CARB. We make it so easy for your business to go green.