California Environmental Legislation

Environmental Legislation and Spectrum lumaxartSetting National Trend

The Golden State is known for setting national trends in many areas. California Environmental Legislation is no exception. That’s why most aren’t surprised to learn that the state has kept up with laws related to our precious resources, even though Congress hasn’t passed any significant and new environmental legislation in 24 years.

Not Just the Golden State

California’s legislature remains active in many environmental areas, as shown by its Unified Program for reporting on such laws and regulations. A great deal of the work of the past decade has dealt with issues such as accidental release of hazardous materials and protection of personal information and records, among other privacy issues.

For example, California has taken the lead in the area of medical waste management, showing that reusable containers can significantly reduce the material in the medical waste stream. Likewise, California environmental legislation has resulted in an aggressive effort to control electronic waste and has eliminated as much as 80 percent of devices formerly sent to landfills. At Sergeant Shredder we’re proud to help Southern California medical and dental practices shred their confidential materials while keeping it out of our over-crowded landfills.

Many of the communities and municipalities of California also lead the way on environmental issues, from disposal of electronic equipment to the use of plastic bags. With increasing controls over landfill sites and waste management, even the smallest of towns make such regulations a priority.

California Environmental Legislation: Apply New Technology

As the nation continues to grapple with environment-related issues dealing with everything from salmon farming to automotive pollution, California environmental legislation continues to serve as a national barometer. There are even a number of studies that point to what is called the California Effect when it comes to such legislation.

One such study by American University points out that California is a strong force in counteracting a federal lowest common denominator approach to environmental legislation and issues.

Making an Impact in Southern California

We’re proud at Sergeant Shredder to play a role in helping keep our Southern California communities compliant and eco-sensitive. Many of our employees come from public safety and military service careers. Since we live and work in Southern California, we’re committed in this effort. We shred everything from paper materials with private, personal information to properly disposing of electronic data. Plus, we monitor all the latest laws and regulations and ensure our services help our clients comply with all the details.

What are you thoughts about California Environmental Legislation? Too strict or too lax?