California Privacy Laws Mashup

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Businesses in the state of California must maintain an awareness of all California privacy laws. That’s not always easy when privacy laws change or receive updates on a regular basis. Complying with updates on things such as breach notifications helps protect your customers, keeps you from noncompliance penalties, and protects your hard-earned brand reputation. Here’s a look at a few California privacy law updates.

Expanded Data-Breach Notifications

Under Senate Bill 46, user names, emails, and password combinations are protected. Breaches involving these types of data require notification procedures to inform consumers of the issue and request that they change account log in information as soon as possible. The updates govern when email can be used as a notification vehicle; when a data breach compromises an individual’s full log in information and personal data, a business may be required to take special precautions by logging out all accounts and posting specific language about the breach.

California Privacy for Kids

Effective January 1, 2015, Senate Bill 568 will require online entities to limit advertising exposure for children and provide a means by which children can remove information they’ve posted online. Among the language in the law is a restriction on marketing directed at minors. The law prohibits apps that are used to market things to audiences that the minors could not lawfully obtain or use. In contrast with Children’s Online Privacy Protection, the new California law protects all minors and isn’t targeted to children under age 13.

California Online Protection Act

The California Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) requires all site owners to provide a privacy statement or policy in a conspicuous and easily accessed location on the site. The policy must include details on how information is collected, what information is collected, and what the site does with collected information.

What do you think of our new California privacy laws?