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Information Security Awareness

Business Water Risk

Are You Considering Both Sides? An important endeavor for any business today is sustainability. Sustainable practices are not only valuable when it comes to cost and future viability, it’s also a strong marketing point. Consumers are more eco-conscious and find it a strong selling point. From recycling to creating a green supply chain, businesses can […]

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Encounter LAX & Southern California Economy

2014 Southern California Economy Update

According to the Center for Economic Analysis and Forecasting (CEAF) at California State University Fullerton, the region’s economy has been in recovery since the end of the recession in 2009. The report shows the Southern California economy increasing every year for the past four. And, it saw a 1.11 percent jump from quarter four of 2013 […]

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Business Risk of Internet of Things

Business Risk from Internet

Friend or Foe? As more and more of the world is wired into the Internet, businesses and individuals are facing new questions about privacy, security and regulatory compliance. With the newest concept of “Internet of things”, or IoT, it is necessary to face the reality that everything connected to the web faces the potential for […]

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Employee Privacy Limits: Don't Do It

Employee Privacy Limits

Where Is the Line? Employers have a right to monitor certain behaviors and communications in the workplace, but where does the line between employer protection and employee privacy limits begin? Employees may be surprised how far into their seeming privacy the line is drawn. Assume Things Are Recorded It’s not exactly “Big Brother is watching.” […]

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DLP Sculpture

Data Loss Prevention Policies

Minimize Data Risk While the issue of corporate IT security has long been a priority, new concerns and legislation make it the focus of more disciplined procedures. The concept of data loss prevention now encompasses the efforts put in place to keep any sensitive or confidential information and data from leaving the corporate network. New software […]

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SSL Risks

OpenSSL Risks

Heartbleed Problems for Business You’ve probably heard about the data security breach Heartbleed from your bank, email provider, and favorite eCommerce shop. In fact, if you haven’t heard about OpenSSL risks from a website that stores profile or account information that you access with a login and password, then you need to take action. What […]

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What is Brand Hacking?

Business Identity Theft Brand hacking can refer to two online activities that threatens your brand equity. It’s a type of business identity theft. There’s one activity you have the power to stop. The other is much harder to control. Actual Brand Hacking The first type of brand hacking involves actual hackers; it refers to a […]

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Employee privacy

Employee Privacy Files

Tips to Protecting Your Employees Most business owners already understand the importance of protecting their customer’s private and sensitive information. In addition to being one of the most important components in building customer trust, it is simply good business to respect and protect your customer’s confidential information. However, one area that is just as important […]

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Employee Fraud Prevention: Not an 8-Bit Cookie

Employee Fraud Prevention

Putting Checks & Balances In Place A Employee fraud prevention program is important for any company, but is essential for businesses in regulated niches that deal with sensitive payment, personal, or health information. People are one of the biggest data risks to an organization, even when they aren’t willfully committing a breach. According to an […]

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