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JCAHO Healthcare Compliance

JCAHO Healthcare Compliance

Don’t Miss the Details The stringent requirements of HIPAA concerning patient records and protecting Product Information Management (PIM) are a major focus of healthcare organizations. However, various aspects of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) also now require compliance. The details of these standards range from Life Safety Code issues to proper […]

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Medical Records Disposal and Signs of the Times

Medical Records Disposal Tips

Real Incident, Real Risks A resident in Pennsylvania took immediate action after finding medical records from a local doctor’s office strewn along the ground and filling a nearby dumpster. The man gathered the documents and brought them to a news outlet, who then turned them over to an investigator with the Pennsylvania Department of State. […]

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Regulatory compliance requirements and Information Security wordle

Regulatory Compliance Requirements

Is your company doing enough? Regulatory compliance requirements aren’t a huge part of life for every business. Yet any company that handles money or personally identifying information must comply with basic requirements for things like security and training. According to an official with the Justice Department, even businesses such as banks aren’t doing enough to […]

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Information Compliance Governance and Information overkill

Information Compliance Governance

Information Lifecycle Management Companies of all sizes are grappling with the compliance laws and issues of how to properly manage the sensitive information (and documents) they generate and use in daily operations. According to a whitepaper published by the Compliance, Governance and Oversight Council, the issue of information lifecycle management now requires a comprehensive management […]

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HIPAA in Mergers & Acquisitions and Health Advisory

HIPAA in Mergers & Acquisitions

Important Due Diligence Anyone involved in buying or selling any type of business understands the critical role of adequate due diligence. This complex process is designed to not only validate the value of a business, it is vital to establishing any contingent or real liabilities. Fully assessing any issues relative to HIPAA in mergers & […]

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HIPAA Security on Laptops

Avoid Financial Penalties When an organization collects and stores people’s Protected Health Information or PHI, it is responsible for safeguarding the information in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Failure to encrypt such HIPAA-protected data when storing it on a laptop leaves your organization subject to financial penalties, noted a recent post […]

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Health information Security Wordle

Health Information Security

Does Tech Put You at Risk? Technology offers many benefits in a healthcare environment. Yet, it can also create health information security risks for patients and providers. Though many individuals and businesses are familiar with the risks of HIPAA violations or the possibility personal data will be compromised, there may be a bigger danger for […]

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Laptop/Computer Security & HIPAA Security Rule

HIPAA Security Rule

Beyond the Business Basics Any business or individual that is a covered entity under HIPAA regulations must comply with HIPAA security rules. Medical providers, insurance companies, medical software vendors or intermediaries, and anyone who is likely to house or see patient medical information in the course of business is a covered entity. This includes vendors […]

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iPod touch Health Apps

Mobile Health Apps

Don’t Forget HIPAA There are few health care providers and covered entities who are not aware of the stringent requirements of HIPAA concerning the protection of patient health records and private information. However, staying in compliance and avoiding reportable breaches requires constant vigilance and staying up to date with the latest issues. Mobile Health Apps […]

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Road to Health with HIPAA

HITECH HIPAA: Anticipating an Explosion

Important New Guidelines While the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was primarily targeted at financial issues and institutions, it added new controls for electronic personal health information, or ePHI. The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act was passed as a part of the legislation. The impact of the beefed […]

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