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Get tips from the pros on information management for your home or office. When managed properly, you can keep personal information and data secure.

Vulnerability Assessment Tools

New Approaches to New Threats Although billions are spent annually in attempts to protect computer networks, the reality is there is no 100 percent secure system. A recent article posted on the Open Source website focuses on this fact of IT life. The author points out there is no way to combine hardware and software […]

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Data Breach Calculator

Data Breach Calculator

Price Tag on Security Failures For some time, companies had the luxury of considering the risk of a data breach as something like a monster in the closet. This was a fear many shared but really didn’t consider a real threat. However, the recent significant increase in the number of and cost of such breaches […]

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Data Breach Liability and Data Center

Data Breach Liability

Managing Exposure While most management teams view investments in information technology as a way to gain competitive advantages, they are now seeing the other side of the equation. As more numerous and sophisticated cyber attacks become the norm, data breach liability is now a major business risk element. As a professional in information destruction, it’s […]

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Film Archive Storage

Document Storage Tips

What to Keep and How to Store It Despite predictions made decades ago, the age of paper hasn’t gone quietly into that good night, and any business office is likely to benefit from document storage tips. Two of the top considerations about paper for any business is what to keep and how to get rid […]

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3D Data back-up Security policy

Data Security Policy for Back-ups

Back Up Tips Data security policy development and implementation must include provisions for back-up files as these records often contain sensitive information. Threats to your records can come from identity thieves, natural disasters or unexpected emergencies, making back-up files a necessary precaution for solopreneurs and businesses alike. Procedures for dealing with back-ups need to address […]

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Big Data for Small Business & Buzzword Bingo

Big Data for Small Business

Useful Tool with Risks Big data for small business can be very useful as it helps you develop strategies like customer loyalty programs and outbound marketing initiatives. Data collection and management are critical functions. Yet in some instances it may be cost-prohibitive, especially when your company is running on a tight budget. Though it may […]

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Information Technology Is a Given

Information Technology & Identity Protection

A Two Step Solution to Personal Identity Protection Security is a concept that can be universally applied to any environment. The Web is no exception. With 2-step authentication, a password is not enough for someone trying to get a hold of your account. This information technology safeguard requires that a user prove their identity first […]

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Right to Privacy on the Web & Save it for a rainy day

Right to Privacy on the Web

Do You Have It and How Do You Guard It? The right to privacy seems like an essential part of existence in the United States. New technology steps on that right at almost every turn. It’s likely your privacy has been slightly invaded in the last few minutes, assuming you’ve been browsing the Internet. While […]

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Fingerprints & fingerprint reader

Fingerprint Reader & Business Data

BioMetrics Hits Mainstream In the world of identity theft, keeping your identity secure is an important ongoing task. Properly shredding papers with identifying information is of course one way to safeguard your identity. However, recently, Apple has invented a way to keep even your iPhone safe. Read below for all you need to know about […]

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DSC03054 Secure Data & Business Copiers

Secure Data Risk with a Business Copier

Hidden Data, Hidden Risk Most businesses don’t consider copy machines when planning for secure data policies. Office workers of all levels simply aren’t trained to think of a copy machine as a data storage device, as even most home copiers come with a small hard drive. Robust business copiers are certain to have storage capability […]

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