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RIM Policy Template

RIM Policy Template

What You Need to Manage Your Records As a professional shredding company we pay attention to record retention in order to help our clients shred at the appropriate time. A records and information policy, or RIM policy, is essential for any business. Even small businesses should understand how they store, manage, and secure documents and […]

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Mobile Security Tips and Phone Security

Mobile Security Tips for SMB

Mobility & Versatility Small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) often rely on versatility to compete in the market. Yet mobility can leave organizations open to security risks. Add in the fact that many SMBs don’t have the technical, legal, and compliance resources that larger corporations can leverage. That provides a breeding ground for data breaches and […]

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Ebay Database Hack

eBay Database Hack

Users Advised To Change Passwords Here’s yet another example of a data breach that’s making headlines. At Sergeant Shredder, we’re committed to “Shred, Protect & Conserve.” While we help with paper and electronics shredding, keeping businesses safe is another element of our company’s mission. 145 Million Buyers Affected Users have been asked to change their […]

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Password-free authentication and password required

What is Password-Free Authentication?

Controlled Access As reports of new and major data breaches are seemingly added each week, companies are increasingly looking to use proactive and innovative security solutions on all fronts. Forrester research indicates more than $200 billion is lost annually due to password breaches. Accordingly, an area attracting a lot of attention is password-free authentication. This […]

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Internet Explorer Data Breach & The Thing that Should not Be

Internet Explorer Data Breach

Computers Vulnerable to Attack When it comes to information security, companies must constantly remain vigilant against attacks from criminal computer hackers. Of late, the Internet Explorer data breach has been causing significant trouble. In some cases, anti-malware software designed to protect against intrusions may not suffice because of so-called “zero-day” threats, or viruses and other […]

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Heartbleed Bug in Business & Code Bug

Heartbleed Bug in Business

Do You Still Need to Worry? There are still worries about the Heartbleed bug in business. How worried should companies and individuals be about their identity and account information online? According to a recent scan from Sucuri, the threat isn’t 100 percent gone. Many websites have fixed the issue yet others are still at risk. […]

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Data Breach and Seamount

Veteran Data Breach

A Betrayal of Trust Today we’re celebrating the 4th of July, remembering all those who currently serve in the armed forces and our vets. One of the realities of serving in the military is giving up a lot of your rights to privacy. Hearing about a veteran data breach isn’t uncommon in today’s world. We’re […]

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Proposed Big Data Breach Law

A Proposed Data Breach Law

What It Means for Retailers It seems a new retail-based data breach hits national news on a monthly basis, so it’s no surprise legislators are considering modifications to data breach law. One law currently on the table would make retailers responsible for customer damages incurred during a data breach. Growing Data Breaches The preponderance of […]

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Bleeding Light: going paperless

Going Paperless to Go Green

Convincing the Cautious Many people, particularly young adults, embrace the idea of going paperless. They enjoy the ease with which technology helps them get through their days. Conversely, many older individuals are hesitant to convert every familiar task to a virtual world. Where is the Control? Businesses sending monthly paper statements have been promoting going […]

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My Trusty Gavel for California Privacy

California Privacy Laws Mashup

Upcoming Changes Businesses in the state of California must maintain an awareness of all California privacy laws. That’s not always easy when privacy laws change or receive updates on a regular basis. Complying with updates on things such as breach notifications helps protect your customers, keeps you from noncompliance penalties, and protects your hard-earned brand […]

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