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Paper Recycling Stats

Paper Recycling Stats

US Conspicuous Consumption As professional paper shredder, I’m acutely aware of how much we use this precious resource. America uses paper and paperboard products every day — newspapers, magazines, food and shipping containers, office paper, and more — and it really adds up.  In fact, the United States uses nearly 69 million tons of paper […]

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Green Hollywood Blvd

Green Hollywood

Lip Service or Earth Service? It’s easy to talk about being more green and put out the recycling as you leave for the Earth Day festival. As a Southern California eco-friendly business, we take saving our natural resources seriously. It’s harder to make environmentally-friendly choices year round, working every day toward a greener earth. For […]

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Rusty Chain Not Green Supply Chain

Creating A Green Supply Chain

As a responsible business owner or manager with one eye on the bottom line and the other on maintaining a socially responsible operation, you may want to consider implementing a green supply chain. Workplaces that “go green” adopt a variety of environmentally sound business policies. For example, you can: Set up eco-friendly recycling and secure shredding […]

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Environmental Legislation and Spectrum lumaxart

California Environmental Legislation

Setting National Trend The Golden State is known for setting national trends in many areas. California Environmental Legislation is no exception. That’s why most aren’t surprised to learn that the state has kept up with laws related to our precious resources, even though Congress hasn’t passed any significant and new environmental legislation in 24 years. […]

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Plastic bag waste and Law

California Plastic Bag Laws

Paper or Plastic? That iconic question asked of consumers at the checkout counter is a thing of the past in some local markets, with more to come. A growing number of municipalities are adopting versions of California Plastic Bag Laws with the goal of keeping plastic out of Southern California landfills. While the specifics of […]

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Sustainable Procurement and Message

Sustainable Procurement: A Worthy Goal

A Conscious Decision As more individuals and companies become aware of the need for environmental sensitivity, one reality becomes readily obvious. The simple fact is that addressing environmental issues requires a conscious, proactive attitude. Simply wanting to be green or agreeing with the concepts of sustainability are simply not enough. Fortunately, however, once those decisions […]

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Sustainability Without Compromise and Governance

What is Sustainability and Governance?

Sustainability and governance refers to the action of managing processes and resources with an eye toward future needs and consumption. Environmentalism drives some government and business actions in this area. Creating sustainable processes also provides intrinsic value for companies. Sustainability is achieved through a variety of decisions, including recycling, choosing sustainable resources for development and […]

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