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Shredding sensitive documents and data is easy thanks to Sergeant Shredder. We provide onsite and mobile shredding services to prevent identity theft.

Shredding & Employee Productivity and Employee flow chart

Shredding for Employee Productivity

3 Reasons to Use a Pro Productivity is usually about delivering a product or a service. So most companies don’t think much about shredding for employee productivity. Here are three big reasons you should consider professionally shredding the piles of paper in your office. Reduced Clutter Equals Higher Efficiency Shredding unnecessary records and documents reduces clutter […]

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Shredding Cancelled Checks and US Treasury Checks - 3D Illustration

Shredding Canceled Checks

When, Why, and How Many individuals and businesses no longer get canceled checks along with bank statements. Now many financial institutions only send copies of the checks on special request. If you’ve been holding onto old checks or if you currently opt to get copies of every canceled check, this post is for you. I’ll […]

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Shredding Old Salary Proposals & Torn Paper

Shredding Old Proposals

Information Theft Source The importance of shredding old proposals and other business documents has never been at an all time high. We live in a world where information is power. The global economy in which businesses operate is extremely competitive. Everyone is looking for an edge over the competition as each company jockeys for a […]

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Shredding Personnel Files

Shredding Personnel Files

Regulations You Need to Know Do you know when shredding personnel files is allowed? Shredding too soon puts your business at risk for running afoul of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Yet waiting too long means files stack up, putting an unnecessary strain on your time, space and financial resources. Fair Labor Standards Act […]

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Box Brother

Teamed with Box Brothers For Shredding

Our Green Partner One of the best ways to increase the environmentally sound approach of any company is to partner with vendors who offer efficient, eco-friendly services. Business partners that work with you to minimize carbon footprints, use sustainable resources, and create efficient processes don’t just help you protect the environment — they also help […]

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1950 Wallop Fireworks Price List: Shredding Price Lists

Shredding Price Lists

Corporate Espionage Does Exists It’s not something straight out of a James Bond thriller. It’s something that exists in the real world of business. Corporate espionage does happen — whether by hook or by mishap, employees, competitors or hackers can distribute information about your business model that damages your company’s reputation or ability to serve customers. […]

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Business Document Shredding

Protecting Sensitive Information Business document shredding has never been more important. It is a key way to truly protect sensitive information within a business’ control. That means hard copies of important documents to electronic records management. Businesses now use a staggering amount of information. It can run the gamut of trade secrets to potential new […]

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Employee Entrance & Shredding Payroll Records

Retaining and Shredding Payroll Records

Doing it Right When dealing with such a sensitive issue as payroll records, employers have to ensure they balance seemingly conflicting rules. There are both provisions for retention of those payroll records and other regulations calling for their destruction. By trying to be conservative and keep payroll records around for audit or other purposes, many […]

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mobile shredding event

Mobile Shredding Benefits

Free up Space Is your storage room or file cabinets full of outdated documents that are no longer are required for quick access? Does your organization process so many documents with confidential and sensitive information that you need to shred them on a regular basis? Instead of delegating your document destruction tasks to an employee who […]

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Shredding for Law Firms and Justice Gavel

Shredding for Law Firms

Tips for Doing it Right While effective shredding protocols are important for every business, it is an especially important concern for legal firms. Not only must attorneys maintain a secure chain of custody for all documents and contracts, they are often called upon to advise clients on such procedures. Ongoing Legislation & Litigation There exists […]

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