Cell Phone Recycling for Troops

New Life for Old Phones

US Flag & Cellphone Recycling for our TroopsAre you about to upgrade your organization’s cell phones? Your employees may need the latest versions of their mobile devices so they can take advantage of new apps and other features, helping you can stay competitive. Cell phone recycling is good for the environment and for those who are actively serving our country.

Every year millions of old cell phones end up in our Southern California landfills. Instead, they could help our nation’s troops call home. Cell Phones for Soldiers is a non-profit group that focuses on delivering free communication services to active-duty military members as well as veterans.

Before You Recycle

Before you you turn in that gently used cell phone, first remove the SIM card from each device. It’s also a good idea to do a factory reset on cell phones to erase all data, including sensitive documents and personal information.

Pending Cell Phone Law

It’s worth noting that individual consumers can unlock cell phones that they own. Yet, recyclers and refurbishers will be unable to bulk-unlock cell phones that they process if pending legislation becomes law.

The U.S. Congress passed the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act in February. The act would prevent recyclers from legally unlocking cell phones and could put them at a competitive disadvantage with offshore facilities where no such bans exist, according to a recent post at Storage & Destruction Business. The legislation is next due for consideration by the U.S. Senate.

Cell Phone Recycling Facts

Facts about cell phone recycling through Cell Phones for Soldiers:

  • Has recycled more than 11 million cell phones to date
  • Mails about 7,500 calling cards to soldiers every week
  • Provided more than 204 million minutes of talk time to troops since 2004

Supporting Our Military & SoCal Environment

At Sergeant Shredder, we are committed to the cause of recycling to protect our planet’s natural resources. Our professionally trained team members have backgrounds in firefighting, law enforcement and the military. That’s why we are proud to support the efforts of Cell Phones for Soldiers to help our troops call home for free.

What will you do with your old cell phone? We urge you to consider recycling as an option to say thank you to our troops.