Cloud Data Security: Is It Really Secure?

Cloud Data Security Isn't Like Harry Potter Wand ChoicesAs with any new technology that grows rapidly in popularity, myths have developed about cloud storage. Most of the misunderstandings about virtual servers are related to cloud data security. The truth is, when properly used, the cloud is as safe or safer than physical computers or servers in your office.

Statistics about Cloud Security

The majority of hacks occur outside of a cloud environment, says the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. According to Risk Based Security, a bit over half of all record exposures are related to staff members doing the wrong thing. These two statistics say a lot about security in the cloud.

First, it’s actually easier to hack into on-site servers. Outside of certain specialized fields, companies that run their own servers aren’t able to keep up the level of maintenance that the best cloud companies do. Single-location servers also provide no redundancy protection in case of something like a natural disaster.

Second, when data is compromised because of employee actions, both cloud and on-site servers are at risk. At least with cloud services, you have more options for securing data, monitoring access, and administrating accounts.

Enhancing Cloud Data Security

There are things you can do to enhance security for your cloud services.

  • Require complex passwords that are eight or more characters long and contain numbers, multiple case, and special characters.
  • Ensure any devices that are used to access cloud networks use lock screens and are equipped with location tracking apps for use in the event the item is lost or stolen.
  • Be selective when choosing a cloud service provider, especially if you are in a highly regulated niche like health care.
  • Make sure your cloud provider maintains current security and is compliant with any data management regulations that govern your industry.
  • Be aware when online information goes offline. Then, make sure sensitive information via hard copies are properly shredded.

What are your thoughts about cloud data security? Can it really be secure?