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It seems that nearly every week we see news reports about another company that has lost control of the documents containing private customer information. Once information such as Social Security numbers or private medical details is exposed, customers are at risk for identity theft. Local businesses that need Coachella Valley document shredding services should know that they can rely on Sergeant Shredder to destroy sensitive documents quickly and efficiently.

Failure to protect private information can lead to lawsuits from customers suffering from the unauthorized release of data and can ruin a company’s reputation.

The U.S. Small Business Administration recommends that company owners shred documents containing sensitive data as soon as they no longer have a business reason for hanging onto the information. What’s more, by removing unneeded documents, you free up storage space that could be used for office supplies or equipment.

However, many business owners are too busy to destroy all their unneeded documents themselves. The solution for many is to take advantage of Sergeant Shredder’s mobile shredding services or convenient drop-off locations  in Coachella Valley.

Experts for Coachella Valley Document Shredding

Business owners sometimes think that they can simply purchase off-the-shelf shredders and then assign someone on staff to handle all their document destruction needs. However, if an employee makes a mistake or forgets to shred the material, the company could be liable when unauthorized people gain access to such documents. A commercial shredder can make the task faster and actually saves a business money. For example, our mobile shredding truck shreds 8,000 pounds of paper an hour. How long do you think it would take an employee to shred the equivalent amount? Most likely weeks of tedious work…

Instead, it’s best to trust expertly trained professionals (like Sergeant Shredder) to ensure the material is properly disposed of according to privacy regulations.

Regular Shredding Saves Time & Headaches

Prudent business owners who are in charge of safeguarding the privacy of their clients will find it easier to manage by scheduling regular Coachella Valley document shredding services. Our trucks come to you… making it easy and affordable. You’ll then have the peace and mind that your customers’ information is properly protected and destroyed.

Who do you trust for your Coachella Valley document shredding?