Confessions of a Commercial Paper Shredder

commercial paper shredderWeirdest Things People Want to Shred

As a professional commercial paper shredder, I get asked a lot of paper (and non-paper) shredding questions. Good shredding guidelines can help businesses and homes keep data safe and reduce clutter, but you might be surprised about what some folks want their professional commercial shredding service to handle.

Outrageous Shredding Requests

Romantic entanglements can spark some outrageous shredding requests. I’ve had several requests to shred their ex-wife. I assumed they were joking 😉

After a breakup, one customer wanted to have a Letterman jacket that belonged to an ex-boyfriend put through the shredder. It’s not uncommon for romantic or off-color correspondence, such as love letters and photos, to find it’s way to commercial shredding destruction.

Items For a Commercial Paper Shredder Even If They Don’t Contain Account Numbers

Even though I get some outrageous and hilarious requests, there are some items that don’t contain sensitive account number or personally identifiable information. I’ve been asked to shred things like: clothing, toys, foam, plastic jugs, flip flops, and pills.

Pills and foam are a danger to commercial paper shredder equipment and personnel. They should be discarded using other means. However, it does make sense to shred old uniforms or items with a company logo. Many marketers don’t want to see their business’ brand (or old versions of their logo) end up in a thrift store. Not only can this be embarrassing, but it could pose a security problem (e.g., unauthorized use of a uniform to gain access to areas or clients).

Understanding What to Shred

Commercial paper shredding can be a valuable business service when used appropriately. Most commercial shredding providers can handle almost all types of paper as well as other items, including product samples, hard drives, CDs and disks, video tapes, microfiche, xrays, etc. We even shred pill bottles, as long as they are empty of all pills. By law we can’t handle hazardous chemicals or similar items.

Not sure if your commercial paper shredding request is outrageous? Give me a call… let’s see if I can shred it.