Confidential Shredding of Documents: Creating Support within Your Company

Tax Calculator & Confidential ShreddingBusiness leaders have a lot on their plate, and outside of regulated industries like healthcare or finance, the confidential shredding of documents may not be a high priority. Individuals in charge of data security or customer accounts may need to work to create buy-in for the support of shredding services. Here are some tips for convincing decision makers that secure shred bins and ongoing services are a good idea for your company.

Protect Your Customers

According to Javelin Strategies and Research, 11 million people each year are impacted by identity theft. The cost of such theft totals over $54 billion annually and can be in the thousands for each victim. Your company doesn’t want to be responsible for putting customers in such a situation, so let decision makers know that shredding documents with customer’s personally identifying information is one of the best ways to protect information.

Build Customer Trust

Customers like to hear that companies are thinking about their interests. In some cases, consumers may be more likely to use your services if you can provide guarantees about how you protect their information, including the fact that all hardcopy documents are shredded.

Save Money

Paper files can be hard to manage. Old paper can take up a lot of expensive space in your office. Shredding pages yourself is expensive because it’s very time consuming (and you probably have better things to do). When you use a shredding service that offers in-office bins and scheduled pick ups, you save money on labor and see increased efficiency numbers. What can take hours by manually shredding takes literally seconds via a professional mobile shredding truck.

Protect Company Information with Confidential Shredding

Customers aren’t the only ones with valuable information to protect. Confidential shredding is great for disposing of sensitive business documents such as copies of contracts, fee schedules, business plans, financial statements, etc. Encouraging employees to shred documents that contain account and password information also protects business assets.

In many cases, the value of confidential shredding significantly outweighs the expense. Make a list of ways shredding services will help your organization save time and money or reduce risk, and decision makers are likely to listen to your request.

Does your office use professional and confidential shredding services?