Consumer Privacy Liability & Marketing Lists

Consumer Privacy Liability Concerns

Consumer Privacy Affects Junk Mail TooBusinesses have to keep consumers’ best interests at heart. Knowing the regulations of privacy laws is one of the primary concerns and responsibilities of a business today. Privacy Laws enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) determine the liabilities companies may face regarding consumer privacy issues. Marketing email is another problem; there are “opt out” procedures to be followed specifically related to digital solicitations.

The Issue of Junk Mail

Marketing list privacy laws and the FTC regulate how much direct mail people receive. The law states that you may send unsolicited mail unless the person requests you stop. Then you must adhere to their request. Some people acquire so much extra paper through endless mail solicitations that they do not know what to do with it all. Unlike email, it cannot be easily deleted. It presents a problem too, since their name and address are on the mailings. This leaves them vulnerable to identity theft. All it takes is one curious person coming across their mailing address to start the process. So how can both individuals and businesses protect themselves from the liability and risk that occurs in such situations?

The DIY Method

Individuals can do it themselves by shredding their documents with a home shredder. But such shredders malfunction and are often unreliable. It is important that shredders are of top quality and they do the job thoroughly. They should not leave small pieces behind that identity thieves can piece back together.

Businesses need a more robust solution, especially if they handle volumes of documents that contain client or consumer information. Businesses are legally liable to dispose of this sensitive data carefully.

HIPAA and FACTA regulates such document handling. These two federal laws target personal, medical and financial information, as well as marketing list privacy laws for advertisements.

A better DIY alternative is to use a drop-off location. For example, Sergeant Shredder has drop-off bins at Box Brothers so consumers can drop off small loads of items for shredding.

Hire Shredding Professionals

If you want to make absolutely sure that your personal or business interests are kept secure, it is wise to count on professionals who make it their business to shred documents and sensitive information. For your business’ liability sake, it is also of critical that you can trust your shredding service to follow the law and provide necessary destruction documentation.

Sergeant Shredder is known for trustworthiness in the area of consumer privacy. With trained former law enforcement officers and ex-military people in charge, you can sleep well at night knowing they will look after your documents with the utmost care and handle them, as if they were their own. Consider them your watch dog over your private information. We are ready and willing to help.