Data Breach: Now What?!

Wave Power of a Data BreachData breach events are an ever-present risk in the world of e-commerce, computers and paper records, which makes it necessary to maintain contingency plans. In the event of data theft or loss, it is important to take quick action to counteract potential legal liability and avoid monetary damages. Action requires using the right personnel and procedures to mitigate risk.

Implement A Data Breach Contingency Plan

The scope and depth of a contingency plan varies depending on the size of an organization and the data it retains. Electronic versus manual systems are also key considerations. In terms of personnel, it is important to activate your information technology specialists and database administrators. Identifying breaches in firewalls, computer application controls and general facility controls is essential for fixing system vulnerabilities. Legal personnel and public relations specialists need to start work on crafting strategies and molding public perception. Making sure sensitive documents are secure is also a critical step.

At Sergeant Shredder, we recommend contingency plans protect data including:

  • Loan Documents

  • Medical Records

  • Financial Records

  • Credit Card Numbers

  • Payroll Reports

Enhance Internal Control

Identity thieves and fraudsters excel at exploiting weaknesses in internal control. Once there is a data breach, it is important to create new controls and upgrade old procedures to keep similar breaches from occurring in the future. Document shredding is an effective method for strengthening internal control and helps to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of operations. At Sergeant Shredder, we use our state-of-the-art disposal techniques and our vetted, highly experienced personnel to shred your sensitive information.

Though digital and paper media require separate security measures, it is important to develop a well-rounded contingency plan and regularly dispose of obsolete or redundant records. In the case of a data breach, it is important to dispatch relevant personnel to fix system deficiencies immediately.