Data Loss Prevention Policies

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) SculptureMinimize Data Risk

While the issue of corporate IT security has long been a priority, new concerns and legislation make it the focus of more disciplined procedures. The concept of data loss prevention now encompasses the efforts put in place to keep any sensitive or confidential information and data from leaving the corporate network.

New software from companies such as Symantec provide managers and IT departments to identify, classify and tag certain information and work product as subject to special controls. When an employee tries to transmit or share that material, the system produces an alert to verify the appropriateness of the action.

Multiple Challenges and Threats

The complexity of the issue of data loss prevention is partially created by the number of ways data can be lost or compromised. For example, any effective policies and procedures today must address:

  • Email
  • Web and cloud applications
  • Laptops
  • Desktops and network devices
  • Mobile devices
  • Document storage devices and file sharing protocols
  • Document and record destruction

Of course, the real struggle for many companies is to strike the right balance of effective security and protection while maintaining employee productivity and efficiency. This is especially the case in those industries where the core work involves sensitive customer information, such as in processing insurance claims.

Not an Optional Data Loss Prevention Requirement

While most companies are concerned about protecting their intellectual property and sensitive information, ongoing developments in the area of privacy legislation make such efforts as data loss prevention a necessity. Businesses must now show proactive efforts at several levels to prevent and mitigate any loss or breach of customer and patient information.

We track developments in the area of data loss prevention at Sergeant Shredder as a part of our focus on helping our customers follow best practices in all areas of document and information protection and destruction. We often find that companies diligent in taking the correct steps for live, current files sometimes fail to appreciate the importance of follow through with old and discarded records. Of course, this includes both hard copy records and digital files.

Members of our team are happy to visit and review your current policies and procedures in the area of data loss prevention and document destruction. We will share our latest insights into both the requirements and technologies available to ensure your corporate information is properly processed.