Data Security Policy for Back-ups

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Data security policy development and implementation must include provisions for back-up files as these records often contain sensitive information. Threats to your records can come from identity thieves, natural disasters or unexpected emergencies, making back-up files a necessary precaution for solopreneurs and businesses alike. Procedures for dealing with back-ups need to address access, storage and periodic updates.

Data Security Policy

A comprehensive data security policy needs to account for back-up files from the point of their creation to their destruction. If back-up files are not created on a regular basis, then they do not serve their purpose. Without it an organization is open to a myriad of operating risks.

Incremental Improvement

Incremental back-ups are one of the methods used to maintain and protect sensitive information. On a regular basis, trusted employees store digital or paper records in a designated location. For electronic files, this can include a designated hard drive or portable storage device. Back-up files often form the backbone of contingency plans and are an important part of risk management.

Common provisions in data security policies for back-ups include:

  • Back-up frequency
  • Retention period
  • Off-site storage
  • Exception reports
  • Data restoration process

Destroying Electronic Files

Simply deleting files off a hard drive is not effective at completely erasing sensitive data, and shredding non-paper information is a process that requires the right equipment and expertise. Partially destroying storage devices also leaves companies open to the risk of data loss or breach. As a professional information destruction company, Sergeant Shredder has the right personnel and tools to dispose of your electronic back-ups to keep your information protected and secure. We can also provide a certificate of destruction for businesses who must prove HIPAA, FACTA, FERPA or other legal compliance.

A data security policy that does not include document disposal procedures is incomplete. Sergeant Shredder is ready to assist you with document disposal and shredding services. We can dispose of your back-up files after your retention period expires in a cost-effective and reliable manner.

Do you have a data security policy with back-ups in place?