Data Security: Surprising Places Where Data Isn’t Secure

3 Data Security Areas to Consider

Broken Locks on Data SecurityData security goes beyond simply locking your file drawers and hoping for the best. Companies can and often will be found liable in the event when confidential customer information finds its way into the wrong hands. Confidential customer or personally identifiable information can include everything from medical records to credit card numbers. They all need to be handled with care.

1. Your Trash

Many companies take trash for granted. Yet trash is actually the most accessible area to data thieves. Many security breaches occur because they chose to trash confidential information rather than get it shredded properly by a certified company. Data thieves specifically look for trashed items for the purposes of identity theft. Any company that does not dispose of their information properly is likely to incur fines and penalties, and even legal action.

2. Your Office

Break-ins occur. If your file cabinets are not properly locked you may already be breaking some important data security laws or regulations. If you store confidential information you are often required to have a lock on all of your cabinets and to ensure that the cabinets are properly secured at the end of the day. This includes employee information as well as client information. If you are not already doing this, you should delegate the responsibility to the person who closes up your office at night. Also consider your old computers and equipment that has reached its end of life. Wiping out sensitive data is one step. e-Waste recycling is the final one.

3. In Transit

A multitude of files are lost every year while being transferred from office to office or from home to work. As an example, NHS Berkshire, a health organization, once lost client files during internal transit. Confidential files should never go home with an employee, even if they are doing work from home. All it takes is a single forgotten file on the subway and you could have a costly data breach. Files being transferred between offices can be similarly vulnerable, as they can be either lost entirely or can be accessed by moving personnel. It’s important to always secure your data properly when moving and to have comprehensive protocols regarding where confidential documents can be accessed.

A regular shredding service resolves many of these several problems. Secure bins in your office make it easy for employees to discard sensitive information. That means client information avoids trash cans. It remains locked and secured until it is picked up. At Sergeant Shredder our technicians (ex-law enforcement, ex-military and ex-firefighters) shred your documents on premises. Data security is maintained. All secure. No trash. No worry.