Different Types of Identity Fraud

3 Ways Thieves Gain Access

Identity Fraud Caught In the ActSadly there are multiple kinds of identity fraud. As a business owner or private citizen, you know that your tax and medical records contain sensitive information that needs to be protected. Identity theft often occurs when least expected, making it necessary to maintain controls to mitigate the risk of fraud. Knowing the different types of identity theft makes the document shredding process easier to manage.

Tax-Related Identity Fraud

Forms 1040 and 1041 contain personally identifiable information (PII) such your address and social security number among other important data. According to the Federal Trade Commission, identity thieves use social security numbers extracted from returns to apply for jobs and governments benefits. Similarly, small businesses and corporations have employer identification numbers that are vulnerable to misappropriation and fraud. Tax forms need to be locked away until document destruction professionals (like us) dispose of them.

Safeguarding Medical Info

Patient medical records contain PII and HIPPA information that must be protected by physicians and their staff members. The Federal Trade Commission notes that thieves use insurance numbers to obtain prescription drugs, file claims and even receive medical treatment. If you keep medical records at home, it is imperative they are kept in a secure location. Many medical offices have duplicate sets of paper records that need to be shredded when they are no longer of any value. Our trained professionals know how to shred medical records and mitigate the risks posed by thieves.

Not Child’s Play

Unfortunately, thieves target the PII of children to perpetrate a variety of crimes. Whether it is stealing a social security number to open up a bank account or make fraudulent charges on a credit card, thieves can use your children’s information for nefarious means. Kids have to live with the negative impacts of identity fraud for years, which can hinder their ability to obtain car loans or home mortgages later in life. There is no need to put children at risk for identity theft.

We help our clients by providing reliable shredding services that protect against all types of identity fraud. Thieves target tax returns, patient records and children’s PII, which makes it important to shred confidential documents as soon as they are no longer needed.