Drop-Off Shredding in Los Angeles

What To Look For in Drop Off Shredding Providers

Drop Off Shredding at Box BrosNeed drop-off shredding in Los Angeles for a household cleanup project or destroying papers after a death in the family? Or, are you a business owner who needs to dispose a small amount of sensitive documents to protect customer privacy or business information? Then a drop-off shredding location can be the perfect solution.

Larger businesses — especially those with hundreds of pounds of documents for regular destruction each month — use a regularly scheduled shredding service where companies (like Sergeant Shredder) come directly to a business and shred documents securely onsite.

So how can you get that same kind of security with a drop off shredding in Los Angeles? What things should you look for before dropping off your sensitive materials? We’re glad you asked. Here are 3 tips for drop off shredding services in the South Land.

1. Convenience: Locations to Drop Off Shredding in Los Angeles

We have six Box Brothers drop off locations in Los Angeles County and a total of 12 in Southern California. At each location we provide bins that are securely locked and regularly monitored. Nobody has access to the containers, except our bonded & insured shredding technicians. Our state-of-the-art trucks are the fastest in the industry. We have regular shredding routes (much like residence waste collectors) shredding trucks lift each 200-300 pound container and dump it through the shredders. We destroy in 3 minutes what might otherwise take you eight hours. No one sees or touches the documents.

2. Legal Compliance Knowledge

If you have any questions related to document privacy or shredding, look for a knowledgeable resource. For example, our Sergeant Shredder staff knows all relevant laws. This includes HIPAA, FACTA and all other regulations related to protecting/destroying sensitive materials (paper, hard drives, etc.). These regulations and common sense require that you destroy these kinds of documents:

  • anything that is legally or medically sensitive
  • contracts
  • project bids
  • outdated wills
  • paperwork from old lawsuits
  • financial documents
  • patient charts, etc.

When you use a drop off shredding location ask about their process and make sure bins remains locked and secure. We can also provide a certificate of destruction, an important element to regulatory compliance.

3. Do They Recycle?

Box bros woodland hillsWe all know that recycling is good for the environment. Your drop off shredding location should recycle all paper that’s shredd. We recycle all shredded materials at a local certified recycling center, including paper, film, CDs, and other. Our company recycles millions of pounds of paper each year.

We hope these tips are helpful the next time you’re looking for a drop off shredding location in Los Angeles or surrounding area. If you find that your pile of to-be shredded materials continues to grow, perhaps a one-time pick up or regular shredding service is the answer.