Drop Off Shredding: What You Need to Know

Drop Off Shredding at Box BrothersNot All Drop Off Locations Are Created Equal

When done correctly, drop off shredding is a great way to hand off responsibility for small quantities of document destruction and walk away in confidence. A solid relationship with the right company reduces on-site labor and ensures security of your company’s and customers’ information. Here’s what you need to know to do drop off shredding right.

Select the Right Company

Look for a company that understands your legal document destruction needs whether for personal or business. For example, if you run a business that must be compliant with regulations (like HIPAA, PHI, FACTA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Privacy Act of 1974), be sure that your shredding vendor:

  • Maintains compliant facilities and processes
  • Secures and locks shred bins in all drop-off locations
  • Provides a certificate of destruction, which may be necessary if your organization is audited for HIPAA or other compliance

All Things Considered

Other considerations when choosing a drop-off shredding vendor include:

  • The location of drop-off bins. You’re busy, and you don’t want to drive an hour to deposit your items. Select a vendor (like Box Brothers) with multiple convenient locations.
  • The size of bins. Look for services that provide amply sized bins so you don’t get to a location only to find secure bins stuffed to the brim.
  • Stance on recycling. Reduce your business’s impact on the environment by selecting a bulk shredding service that recycles shredded paper.

Know How to Use the Service

Get the most from your service by understanding what you can drop in the shred bin. Items that can be shredded include:

  • Almost any type of paper
  • Plastic cards such as credit cards or ID badges
  • Computer hard drives or disks
  • Microfiche and other types of film
  • Cassette or video tapes

Some items cannot be shredded at all, such as anything containing hazardous materials of any type. Some shredding services may limit the type of specialty items that can be deposited into off-site bins. Call us if you have questions about your shredding items. This will save you the hassle of making a trip for items that can’t be accepted for shredding.

If you find that drop off shredding isn’t convenient or practical for your business, consider having a secure document bins on site or a one-time shredding pickup. We routinely service local businesses with on site mobile shredding. You get the best of all worlds — convenience, affordability, security.