e-Waste Recycling & Disposal Tips

A Guide To e-Waste Recycling & Retiring Old Equipment

e-Waste Recycling RisksOpen most any newspaper and you will find a story on the latest techniques to steal the identities of others. What is even a greater concern is that many times the data theft is not from the individual, but rather from a company that promised to keep sensitive data safe.

One of the sources that are often overlooked is e-Waste recycling. We all know technology has a way of replacing old equipment mandatory. So what do you do with those old computers, servers, and cell phones? Certainly there are programs that you can use to wipe data? You cross your fingers and hope this process is enough to cover you for HIPAA or FACTA compliance.

Certified e-Waste Recycling Solutions

There is a solution to proper e-Waste recycling and disposal. An reputable e-Waste recycling provider understands corresponding laws and regulations. The goal is to provide you and your customers with the best protection possible. Using the services of an e-Waste recycler that is also certified to handle sensitive material and shredding makes a lot of sense. Even if you’ve “wiped” hard drives, technology continues to advance to where data can still be recovered or stolen.

Handing your e-Waste recycling  to another responsible partner means that the equipment will be disposed of and recycled properly. Sadly, it is another security measure that many business should use, but don’t.

Government Sources on e-Waste

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has a lot of information available for managers who are faced with the disposal of sensitive data (e.g., media sanitization). The Small Business Administration reminds us that loyal customers shy away from businesses that have lost sensitive data. Rebuilding trust is a process that requires a lot of manpower, financial resources, and continual appeasement. Best business practices are simply to avoid the possibility of losing customer loyalty by making sure that recycling old equipment is handled by professionals.

So, how will you handle your e-Waste recycling?