eFiling Fraud Prevention

tax return and efiling FraudA Disturbing Trend

In today’s increasingly digital world, it is sometimes frightening to think about how much of our personal information is online or on our computers. While this information is useful in making our lives more efficient and connected, there are undoubtedly some downsides as well. One of the biggest concerns facing people today is the risk that their information will be subject identify theft or fraud. Retailer Target is still reeling from the loss of millions of customer files to hackers. Another particularly frightening and relatively new area of identify theft is eFiling Fraud.

What is eFiling Fraud?

eFiling Fraud is a perfect example of why we must be even more careful than ever before with our sensitive information. It requires vigilance against suspicious activity on our bank accounts or other personal statements.

eFiling has become a simple and popular way for taxpayers to file their federal tax returns online. Instead of mailing forms to the IRS or going to an accountant that charges your hundreds or thousands of dollars to file your taxes, eFiling allows you to simply fill out an online form from the IRS that is submitted electronically. The service is great because you know for sure that the IRS has received your information and there is no sensitive information left behind.

However, anytime information is being transmitted over the internet, there is a risk that hackers or other criminal parties can intercept that data and use it for their own nefarious devices. Imagine what your private tax information could be used for if it found itself in the wrong hands.

Protect your eFiling information

In order to prevent eFiling fraud, it is important that you only submit tax information on a computer using up-to-date anti-virus software and firewalls. If you aren’t sure if your computer is secure, be sure to speak with a company that specializes in protecting sensitive information before transmitting your information to the IRS.

As you clean up your file old tax files, be sure any pages with sensitive information is shredded. Professional shredding from Sergeant Shredder ensures that your data stays safe (our mobile shredding trucks come to you). Since we recycle 100% of everything we shred, so you also avoid adding to our Southern California landfills.

How do you protect yourself from eFiling fraud? Have you filed your 2013 taxes… it’s tax day today!