Employee Privacy Files

Are your employee privacy files unlocked?Tips to Protecting Your Employees

Most business owners already understand the importance of protecting their customer’s private and sensitive information. In addition to being one of the most important components in building customer trust, it is simply good business to respect and protect your customer’s confidential information. However, one area that is just as important (and sometimes overlooked) is employee privacy.

Why employee privacy matters

There can be very real legal consequences for losing your employee’s private information. More importantly, you have an ethical obligation to protect your employee’s sensitive information. By taking simple preventative measures, you can protect both your employees and your company.

How to protect employee privacy

The first step in protecting your employee privacy is creating a set of standards with which sensitive employee information is dealt with. Whether it is the HR department, payroll, or anything section of your business, make sure that everyone who has access to private employee information is fully aware of the company standards.

It is also important to keep thorough records of what information you have, as well as what information is no longer necessary for your company to retain. Periodically, you should purge any employee information that is no longer needed in order to maximize your employee’s privacy. Outdated information can include old mailing addresses, health insurance information that is no longer accurate, and any information you still have from ex-employees. While you’re in the process of purging old records, it’s also a good time to dispose of candidate applications, protecting those individuals’ identities that you didn’t hire.

For digital information, remember that it is not enough to simply put employee files in the “trash” bin on your computer; permanent and secure disposal requires more advanced techniques. For physical information, it is absolutely essential that you utilize the services of a highly reputable and experienced shredding company in order to protect yourself from compliance and other legal issues down the line.

How do you protect your employees’ privacy?