End-of-the-Year Commercial Document Shredding

New Year Confetti for Commercial Document ShreddingThe week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve and early January is the  perfect time for commercial document shredding. It’s also a good time for managers to set goals for the upcoming year especially with regarding to operational systems that keep sensitive information safe. If being green is on your business to-do list, recycling shredded paper is a great step in reducing your carbon footprint.

Sorting Paper & Storing In Locked Bins

This time of year, many retail businesses are checking and restocking warehouses, calculating the results of Christmas sales, and exchanging gifts for customers. However, there are probably a lot of sensitive documents that have accumulated during the holiday season rush.

We recommend having locked bins so it’s easy for employees to toss receipts and paper that contain information like account numbers and customer names. If you have a huge pile of documents to sort, this could be the perfect time to utilize temp workers hired for the Christmas season. However you handle the sorting process, your company can benefit from having fresh, updated and cleaned-out files for the coming year.

Shredding Financial Documents

Financial documents are some of the most sensitive documents companies have in paper form. If you discard them without shredding, you set up your company for potential data breach — where account numbers, loan agreements, and monthly statements — can put your organization at significant risk. In addition to Public Relations headache, your company could be held liable for any resulting theft. This is especially dangerous right after the Christmas season, when financial transactions are high.

Secure Document Shredding

The best way to keep discarded documents safe is to shred them with a minimum of handling, using services you can trust. Our company provides special, secured bins and a shredder truck that automatically lifts the bins and dumps them directly into our state-of-the art shredding truck. No one touches or sees your documents, once your staff has dropped them into the bins. This is about as secure as you can get and a great way to start the New Year.

Is end of year commercial shredding on your to-do list?