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In the world of identity theft, keeping your identity secure is an important ongoing task. Properly shredding papers with identifying information is of course one way to safeguard your identity. However, recently, Apple has invented a way to keep even your iPhone safe. Read below for all you need to know about the iPhone fingerprint reader:

What is a fingerprint reader?

The fingerprint reader feature on the iPhone 5s with Touch ID allows users to wake up the iPhone without physically pressing the home button and typing in a password. Apple created the fingerprint reader because they believed a user’s fingerprint was the perfect password. The feature will make it easier on users who were utilizing their iPhone’s password function already.

How does the fingerprint reader work?

Apple utilized capacitance reader technology when creating their new fingerprint reader. This means the reader will sense the minuscule differences between the outer layer and the skin’s sub-dermal level, allowing it to form an image of a user’s fingerprint. The capacitance reader is more secure than other types such as optical readers since they rely on a digital photo print of a fingerprint.

Why does a phone need protection?

In today’s society, smartphones have become necessary in everyday life. Because smartphones are being utilized for many tasks, important personal information such as bank account numbers, sensitive information about a user’s workplace and access to all social media sites are often accessed via a smartphone. If a user’s smartphone is stolen, it is easy to see how damaging this security breach could be. That is why fingerprint access or at least passwords are a must for anyone who uses a smartphone on a daily basis.

It is important for your to protect your identity on your smartphone just as you would on a laptop or desktop computer. If you think of your smartphone as a small computer instead of just a phone, it will help you remember to guard your important personal information with a password or something as unique as your fingerprint.

Do you protect your smartphone with a password or fingerprint reader?