Frequently Asked Shredding Questions

Trying to find best shredding service solution to fit your needs?  Check out the most frequently asked questions and our answers. Don’t see what you need? Simply call us and we’d happy to help you.

Why should I use a mobile on-site shredding service instead of off-site shredding?

Off-site shredding services collect and transport your secure documents in whole form. If an accident should occur, your secrets become everyone’s. Also, depending on the volume of work to be performed at the off-site facility, your materials could be stockpiled for days or weeks in open bins and bays before shredded. We like to think of an off-site company as more of a recycling company than a secure shredding company. If you’ve ever visited an off-site facility you will find that your documents can easily be examined or stolen. Given the risk associated with the transportation of highly confidential paper, Sergeant Shredder does not offer off-site document shredding. With on-site shredding your information will not leave your parking lot until it is shredded.

How does Sergeant Shredder’s mobile shredding work?

We provide on-site document shredding services using our state-of-the-art mobile paper shredding trucks. On days designated by the schedule you develop with us, our bonded drivers will arrive and shred on-site all materials collected from your Sergeant Shredder containers. Our “hands free” shredding process means our employees do not directly handle your documents. The paper is deposited directly from the collection bins into the shredding compartment via the bin lift device on the side of the truck. All Sergeant Shredder trucks are equipped with GPS tracking services. So we know where our trucks are at any given time, and we have a record of the routes.

Do we have to sign a contract?

We don’t like to call it a contract. All of our customers sign a service agreement for record of service. Having a shredding agreement in place protects you. It provides an ongoing record of regulatory compliance. It shows that you’ve taken the necessary steps to securely dispose of your business and client information.

Why should I use an on-site mobile shredding service instead of just recycling?

Recycling services are not designed to provide security. Generally, recycling services use unlocked, uncovered collection containers, where your documents are left whole and open to the scrutiny of the recycling service employees, who, in most cases are not security-screened personnel. Sergeant Shredder will provide secure shredding and recycling with our on-site paper shredding service.

We don’t have anything that’s very confidential. Why do we need a shredding service?

All businesses on occasion have to discard data. Customer lists, price lists, sales statistics, drafts of bids, contracts and correspondence, and even memos contain information about business activity which would interest any competitor. Every business is also entrusted with employee and customer information that by law must be kept private. An on-site shredding service is your best defense against future liability.

Do you have lockable security containers?

Yes, all of our document bins and consoles are lockable and come in a variety of sizes. As long as you are a customer, we provide the containers you require. However, they do remain the property of Sergeant Shredder.

What happens if our container is full before the regularly scheduled service time?

Just call us and we will schedule an earlier service appointment.

What materials should be shredded?

A complete list of materials may be found by clicking the “What To Shred” button above. Documents which carry sensitive information need to be destroyed. The daily trash of every business contains information that could be harmful. This information is especially useful to competitors because it contains the details of current activities. Although paper is the most frequently shredded material, our mobile document shredding services have also been called upon to destroy videos, tapes, and compact discs, hard drives, pill bottles. Visit our “What to Shred” page for more information on product destruction.

When should material be shredded?

The period of time that business records are stored should be determined by a retention schedule that takes into consideration their useful value to the business and the governing legal requirements. No record should be kept longer than this retention period.

Do you recycle the shredded paper?

Yes, we recycle 100% of the shredded materials. After it is shredded on-site, the debris is hauled away to a local certified recycling center. Sergeant shredder recycles millions of pounds of paper annually. Some of our larger customers request that we report the actual poundage shredded.

Do you provide a certificate of destruction?

Yes. The electronic invoice provided by Sergeant Shredder will accompany your Certificate of Destruction after each visit. The form can include data and method of destruction, description of the disposed records, dates covered and signatures and names of individuals supervising and witnessing the destruction. We can also provide detailed monthly recycle poundage.

What areas do you service?

Our regular service areas include Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura and San Diego counties.

Is Sergeant Shredder insured?

Yes, we carry a minimum $2M general liability policy we extend to all our customers.

Is Sergeant Shredder a NAID member?

Yes, we are members of NAID. Sergeant Shredder adheres to all ethical standards, policies & procedures in secure on-site shredding & recycling issued by NAID – the National Association of Information Destruction.

Why should my company shred documents?

You have a legal responsibility to keep sensitive customer and employee information from falling into the wrong hands. Businesses can no longer throw confidential documents away. Eliminating certain data in a timely fashion limits your liability in litigation and protects proprietary information from competitors. Our paper shredding service will securely eliminate confidential information.

We’re a small company, does it make sense for us to outsource document shredding?

Absolutely! Small organizations have limited personnel resources, and they may need to outsource paper shredding more than larger companies. Sergeant Shredder provides convenient security containers on-site and has the flexibility to conduct shredding on a schedule convenient to you.

Does it cost a lot to use a document destruction company?

Paper shredding is a non-revenue producing function that eats up valuable employee hours. When you consider how much it costs for one of your employees to do the job, you’ll find outsourcing this tedious task to Sergeant Shredder will save you time and money.

What scheduled shredding intervals do you offer?

Based on your company’s needs, Sergeant Shredder will provide service – daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly—to destroy and then recycle your sensitive material.

What do I have to do to prepare documents for destruction?

Simply deposit them in the security containers placed around your office. There is no need to remove paper clips, staples, or any other type of binding.

Do you require your employees to be bonded?

Yes. We seek and employ individuals with only the highest level of integrity and competency among our operations, driver, and customer service employees. When hiring driver personnel, we select individuals that are former firefighters, military and law enforcement officers who have proven time and again that they make the right decisions regardless of the situation. All employees are bonded, insured, uniformed, and wear Sergeant Shredder personal ID badges.

Do you require your employees to undergo drug testing?

Yes. We require our employees to participate in drug testing upon hire and to submit to random drug testing during the term of their employment.

How much can you shred in an hour?

All of our trucks can handle 8,000 pounds of paper per hour.

Can I witness destruction of my information?

Yes, you can watch the entire shredding process through video cameras on the trucks. Cameras are installed in the paper shredding and collection compartments in the trucks.

What regulations do you adhere to?

Sergeant Shredder is a member of the National Association for Information Destruction. We also adhere to all applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines.

Do you submit to audits?

Audits, scheduled or unscheduled are a normal course of business and welcomed by us.

How do you implement privacy and security compliance?

Sergeant Shredder complies with HIPAA, FACTA, GLB and many other shredding laws. We adhere to all other requirements and regulations for the destruction of confidentiality of proprietary materials. Our operations manual outlines the process and procedures we require our drivers to follow regarding the servicing of bins, the transporting of confidential material to the truck, and the shredding of the material.