Gmail Privacy: An Illusion?

Gmail Privacy ConcernIs Healthy Paranoia in Order?

The greater the ability to communicate instantly via the Internet and email, the more privacy concerns seem to pop up. Gmail privacy, which many users may take for granted, could be less robust than individuals realize.

Even Google Must Follow Federal Rules

According to a statement provided by Google’s executive chairman in 2009, Google and other Internet companies fall under the U.S. PATRIOT Act. The chairman, Eric Schmidt, says there’s no way to guarantee that information users provide through the Google search engine or services, including Gmail, won’t be turned over to authorities in the event of an investigation or concern.

Court Briefing about Gmail Privacy

A motion filed in 2013 by Google asked the court to dismiss a case regarding Gmail privacy. Google sited a 1979 case involving telephone calls, stating that when individuals use third-party services for communication, they should expect the service to process the communication. In Google’s case, processing involves running filters on information for SPAM classifications and to better target advertising. Gmail users agree to terms of service and privacy statements that express how Google will use information. Google says that individuals who send emails from other services to a Gmail account should expect their information will be processed in the same way.

There are numerous sides to the Internet privacy argument. There are people who believe Google is doing more with individual email contents than they let on. At the end of the day, each person is responsible for the information they put online. Understanding your rights to privacy and how they may or may not apply online is the first step to keeping your information safe in a digital age.

What are you thoughts about Gmail privacy in business?