Going Paperless to Go Green

Bleeding Light: going paperlessConvincing the Cautious

Many people, particularly young adults, embrace the idea of going paperless. They enjoy the ease with which technology helps them get through their days. Conversely, many older individuals are hesitant to convert every familiar task to a virtual world.

Where is the Control?

Businesses sending monthly paper statements have been promoting going paperless to customers for some time. Often, the focus is on saving trees, but that idea doesn’t have converting merit for a lot of clients and customers. Companies that want to encourage going paperless could stress the convenience and value of eliminating paper mailings for wider appeal and adoption of paperless processes. Tell customers about benefits such as time management and financial savings.

Traditional or less tech-savvy customers may miss physical control over a piece of paper. For that to change, convince them that once online bill pay is set up, paying bills is much more convenient and safe. Create awareness of additional controls and efficiencies associated with a lack of paper everywhere. Highlight resources such as electronic reminders, calendars and anywhere access to sway a hesitant customer.

Forget Going Paperless, Try Managing Tasks Electronically

It’s possible the words “going paperless” act as a de-motivator. Instead, talk about virtual maintenance of finances. If the set-up, instructions, and process are easy to understand and use, a successful conversion to online invoicing, payments, or sales is more likely.

Some may always need paper and pen in hand. Many will enjoy personal tasks efficiently managed with the click of a button. With the focus on ease of use and having tools available anytime, the number of folks going paperless in the future will grow.

What do you think the going paperless movement in Los Angeles will take us?