Google Glass Privacy

Google Glass PrivacyTechnology Sparks Debate

Technology has always been at the center of privacy debates, and Google Glass privacy is no exception. As beta wearers — known as explorers — walked the world wearing Google Glass, individuals, organizations, and governments became aware of and began to combat what appeared to be a new privacy issue.

Google Glass Videos

The discussion over privacy and Google Glass was — and is — fueled in part by the ability to take video quickly, easily, and sometimes in secret, with the device. One of the first users of Glass is Chris Barrett, a public relations executive in New Jersey. Barrett was one of the first to film an event using Glass — he films a fight that occurred on a public boardwalk. At that time, people initiated a privacy cry, but Barrett points out that he was filming in an area that was likely filmed by security cameras.

Recently, the debate over Glass videos turned physical. A woman using glass to film inside a San Francisco bar was accosted by several other people. Her purse and phone were stolen during the incident, and she reported that individuals told her technology users were ruining the city.

Google Glass Privacy: Sharing Other People’s Information

Sharing other people’s information through Google Glass can cause problems. And, some sharing is likely illegal (think taking Google Glass into a movie theater). Google published a guidelines for users. Yet legislation about the use of Glass in public hasn’t caught to tech innovation.

In the meantime, it’s best to follow the same path many are taking with social media. Use common sense, kindness, and the golden rule when sharing other people’s information: never share information that could cause legal, financial, or safety issues for anyone.

What do you think of the debate over Google Glass privacy? Will you become a Glass Explorer?