Green Hollywood

Green Hollywood BlvdLip Service or Earth Service?

It’s easy to talk about being more green and put out the recycling as you leave for the Earth Day festival. As a Southern California eco-friendly business, we take saving our natural resources seriously.

It’s harder to make environmentally-friendly choices year round, working every day toward a greener earth. For actors and actresses, is Green Hollywood a lip-service idea? Or, do some performers put actual work behind the slogans and ad campaigns?

Green Hollywood: Philanthropic Support

Many actors and actresses do more than lip service when it comes to a greener earth. Leonardo DiCaprio, for example, is often connected financially with environmental efforts. The actor is reportedly especially fond of supporting wildlife preservation and has created a foundation to protect endangered animals. He also provides support to initiatives that provide clean water to areas of the world such as Darfur. Other actors and actresses whose support for environmental efforts include foundations and donations include Natalie Portman, Ian Somerholder, and Brad Pitt.

Getting Personally Involved

Some of the previously mentioned actors, as well as others in the Green Hollywood movement, do more than send money to environmental and other causes. Some get personally involved in the action. Matt Damon was honored in 2013 for his work in helping people across the world access clean water. He was even seen in Haiti after a 2010 hurricane delivering food and water to people. Cate Blanchet, who is involved in a number of foundations, takes her eco-friendly attitude all the way home. According to reports, the actress’s home is run on solar power. She also recycles rainwater for use in her home.

Speaking Out

Of course, one of the most valuable tools many Hollywood performers have is a voice. Actress Daryl Hannah uses her voice in numerous protest movements, and Jessica Alba started a company to educate consumers about toxic products. Other performers regularly speak out about their favorite eco-friendly initiatives.

Beyond Hollywood into SoCal Businesses

Environmental efforts don’t have to stop at Green Hollywood. Southern California residents and businesses can employ the same tactics in their own communities to improve the environment. Speaking out, getting personally involved, and helping to fund initiatives are some ways everyone can help the earth. One easy way to make an impact is shred with Sergeant Shredder. Here are three reasons why choosing us — whether for regular shredding or for one-time purges — helps the Southland’s ecosystem:

  1. Our environmentally-friendly trucks are the most fuel efficient on the market. Since we’re local to Los Angeles County and serve only Southern California, we travel to our clients. That means no need for you to drive and sit in traffic to shred important items.
  2. We recycle 100% of everything. That includes paper and electronics, so your waste isn’t added to SoCal landfills.
  3. Our lockable bins are green. They are made from recycled materials and are LEED accredited. No harmful off-gases and no-added formaldehyde.

How will you go green this year? Is eco-friendly shredding on your list?