3 Holiday Gadget Gifts that Promote Green Living

Green Living: It's a Remote WorldGreen Living This Holiday Season

If your family or office has made a commitment to green living for the New Year, the holidays are a great time to begin supporting that endeavor. Consider giving gadgets that let individuals live a greener, more eco-friendly lifestyle without making major changes to daily habits. Here are four gadgets that can improve environmentalism in your home or office while delivering fun or functionality.

The iZen Bamboo Bluetooth Keyboard

With everything you need in a wireless keyboard–and 92 percent eco-friendly bamboo construction–this sleek computer accessory is posh and modern. Gadget geeks, students, and traveling business folks will get a kick out of green living when they can carry this keyboard in their laptop bag.

Water-Powered Clock

For the boss who has everything — or the college dorm liver with a punctuality problem — consider giving a clock that runs on water. The clock isn’t picky — it also runs on coffee, beer, or soda. You can find water-powered clocks in a variety of styles and colors, letting you meet the decor preferences of traditional executives or quirky cubicle mates.

DIY Art Coffee Mugs

Give someone the chance to express creativity while improving environmentalism throughout the year with a Create-Your-Own-Mug gift. Available at coffee shops and hobby stores, these mugs come with porcelain art markers so recipients can doodle or write their favorite quotes on mugs. Mugs are then baked to make art permanent and recipients can use the mug in the office year round to cut down on Styrofoam coffee cups.

Solar-Powered Device Charger

Help someone who is constantly connected cut down on their electronic footprint with a solar-powered device charger. Chargers attached to suction cups allow users to harness sunlight while driving, flying, or working in any room with ample natural lighting. Selecting a suction-cup model reduces the need to spend valuable time positioning the charger for optimal light, making it more likely gift recipients will use the item.

What other items that promote green living would you add to our list?