Green Technology for Business

Satellite Sees Green TechnologyDoes Your Organization Have It?

Does your business operate fully or partially on green technology? Choosing Energy Star certified printers and appliances for your offices is one way to increase green processes. Yet  understanding the scope of environmental options available for offices today helps you push the eco-envelope a bit further.

What is Green Technology?

Green tech isn’t limited to devices that use less power, though that’s good for both the environment and your bottom line. Some other examples of green tech include:

Benefits of Using Green Tech in Your Office

Sometimes, going green is the more expensive option, but eco-friendly technology becomes more available and more cost-effective every day. You may have to do a bit more research to get green technology that meets your needs, but there are benefits that don’t come with standard office equipment. Some reasons to include green tech in your office are:

  • Decreased costs associated with lower power consumption
  • Ability to claim eco-friendly purchases as a tax credit in some circumstances and locations
  • Improving the environment for your employees, customers, and future generations
  • Using green processes in marketing, especially if your business is in an area with a high environmental awareness

How to Choose Green Tech

Most manufacturers offer eco-friendly models, and there are a number of gadgets and apps that can help your office go green. Before making a purchase, ask questions such as:

  • What’s the Energy Star rating for a device?
  • Does the device run on batteries; if so, are the batteries rechargeable?
  • Are there alternative power options, such as solar charging?
  • Does the manufacturer use reclaimed materials?
  • Is there a recycling program you can take part in?

What green technology do you use in your business? Is there a piece of equipment or gadget that on your must-have list?