Hard Drive Deletion Product may Benefit our Orange County Shredding Customers

Have you ever wished there was a magic tool to erase all the data on your hard drive so that when the time comes to shred the hard drive, you can have an extra layer of protection? Now, there is one. A Japanese company has created a device that will instantly erase all the data on a hard drive before it is headed for the shredder.

This technology, which is called Data Killer by its manufacturer, is a breakthrough that could make shredding digital information faster and simpler, and recycling your old laptop or hard drive less of a concern. Plus, it eliminates the tedious waiting time of the “zero all data” function on your magnetic hard disk.

According to Michishi Nanayama, the company’s CEO, the machine acts as a data crusher of sorts. “It erases data instantly. If you have data you need to get rid of, Data Killer can do it without taking lots of time,” If desired, the wiped drives can be re-used – or, put into the shredder for permanent physical deletion.

Of course, Sergeant Shredder can perform this shredding if it is part of your data deletion plan. Our Orange County shredding service offers e-waste shredding services to businesses and individuals who need secure digital data destruction performed at their location. Whether or not you choose to use a product like Data Killer first, you can trust our secure mobile document destruction company to shred your hard drive the moment it is handed to us.

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