Hidden Costs of In-house Shredding

In House Shredding Isn't a Paper PartyIn-house shredding is a process that costs businesses more money than most managers realize. There are outlay costs associated with purchasing and maintaining shredding equipment, but there are also impacts on productivity and revenue generation. Utilizing outsourced shredding services helps you reduce operational costs, improve efficiency and deliver better customer experiences.

Downtime & Overhead

In order to dispose of sensitive information, employees must take time out of their schedules to perform shredding tasks. Even if these employees work in support services, shredding detracts from their main job duties and causes delays in completing value-added work. While shredding documents is considered a business value-added task, it does not directly generate revenues or support income creation. If companies employ full-time document retention and destruction personnel, overhead costs rise and are cost-prohibitive relative to utilizing outsourced shredding services. According to the FBI, thieves seek out organizations that are vulnerable to theft and have inefficient document retention practices.

We help our clients efficiently dispose of confidential information including:

  • Medical Records
  • Tax Records
  • Personnel Records
  • Legal Records
  • Loan Documents

In-House Shredding = Non-Value-Added or Revenue Generating Activities

As far as customer utility is concerned, in-house shredding is non-value-added to final products or services. System optimization and process excellence methodologies dictate that reduction of non-value-added activities is critical for quality assurance. By utilizing a shredding service, your business will increase its efficiency and add value to the outputs it generates. Our personnel are highly trained and competent document disposal professionals, which helps to mitigate risks and reduce the potential for identity theft. Given the competitive nature of the global economy, it is imperative your customers receive the most value for their money.

We save your employees’ time by performing business value-added activities, which allows them to focus on revenue generation. In turn, this helps your business enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.