HIPAA Law Overview

HIPAA Law Overview so many choices like Medical DrugsAre You Compliant for 2014?

Now that the New Year has arrived, health care providers of every level should conduct a HIPAA law overview for their facility or office. Audits should include:

According to the director of the Office of Civil Rights within the Department of Health and Human Services, the federal agency is launching a long-term HIPAA audit program in 2014. In addition to looking at HIPAA compliance within each audited facility, the program will focus on compliance on the part of business partners and covered entities. Healthcare facilities can prepare for potential audits by incorporating recent HIPAA law updates into daily procedures.

Your HIPAA Law Overview & Revamping Privacy Policies

2014 is the time to:

  • Have compliance or legal resources review existing privacy policies and procedures in light of the most recent HIPAA update.

  • Edit policies and privacy forms to ensure 100 percent compliance with HIPAA guidelines.

  • Require all business partners and covered entities to do the same review and ask them to affirm their review is complete in writing.

Create or Review Business Associate Agreements

  • Review relationships with all covered entities, vendors, and business partners.

  • Where required by recent HIPAA changes, have business associates sign  agreements from those partners. Ensure that all agreements cover HIPAA requirements.

Update HIPAA Notices & (Re)Train Staff

Every patient receiving services from your facility should receive and sign a HIPAA notice. So make sure all staff members are aware of this requirement and review your notices to make sure they comply with the most current HIPAA regulations.

You’ll need to train all staff on HIPAA requirements, including the most recent updates. Even if staff is aware of HIPAA compliance and has received training, conduct new training each year. There are a number of requirements and it is easy to forget details in the constant bustle of patient care. A single slip can cause serious consequences for your practice, making vigilance and retraining important.

What on this HIPAA Law Overview surprised you? Are you ready for 2014?