HIPPA Compliant Paper Shredding

These days, everyone is concerned about compliance with the various regulatory agencies that oversee industries. Not complying with these agencies could mean serious penalties for businesses, so it is important to know which entities you are obligated to be in compliance with.

Fortunately, our Inland Empire paper shredding company is well aware of our obligations to HIPPA, The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which enforces health and safety regulations on businesses like ours. What does HIPPA compliant paper shredding look like? For Sergeant Shredder, it means that we:

Collect paper safely – At our Inland Empire paper shredding service, precautions begin the moment you become our customer. Our clean, spacious, sanitary, lockable bins and consoles for paper collection are ideally HIPPA compliant. They fit neatly into various office spaces, and encourage safe paper disposal until we arrive for your scheduled shredding day.

Shred safely onsite – Shredding at your site may not sound like a safety measure; but when you consider that we park our truck outside and only allow an administrator to watch from the safety of a video feed, you can easily see how this policy is HIPPA compliant.

Recycle all paper – No, HIPPA doesn’t necessarily require businesses to recycle disposal materials; but at Sergeant Shredder, we do it anyway. By recycling your unwanted paper, videos, X-rays, and disks, we are helping you implement green business practices – which are always beneficial to health and safety.

For more on HIPPA compliant paper shredding and protecting against medical identity theft, contact Sergeant Shredder today. We look forward to explaining our outstanding Inland Empire paper shredding service to you.


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