Hoarding and Shredding

Hoarding and Shredding in 3DRegular Shred Services Can Reduce the Overwhelm

Hoarding and shredding are activities that are closely related, especially if you’re looking for a solution to a paper-hoarding issue.

You don’t have to be walled in with decade-old newspapers to have a hoarding problem. Take a look at your home office or dining-room table. How much of your work surface is covered in catalogs, mail, and papers that seem too important to toss in the waste basket? If you have a mild hoarding issue, then regularly scheduled shredding can help. Here are three steps to getting control of the paper pile through shredding.

Creating a Well-Defined “Keep” Pile

Understand what documents you should keep and which you can shred. If you find it difficult to part with pages, create a list of items that you need to keep and file, such as tax documents and insurance policies, along with how long you need to keep the items. If the document isn’t on the keep list–or it’s past the keep date–then the paper goes into the shred box as soon as you’re done with it.

Act Immediately

As soon as a decision is made about the paper, act on it. Items to be kept should be filed or organized. Avoid leaving them in piles or stacks, as that can cultivate a continued hoarding habit.

Items to be shredded should be deposited into a shred box. Keep a single box in a handy location near your work area or home office. Everyone in the home should deposit items for destruction in the same box to reduce clutter. Make sure the box is kept in a secure area, as pages deposited into the box contains sensitive information.

Get Help for Hoarding and Shredding

With TV shows like Hoarding: Buried Alive and Hoarders, the signs and causes of hoarding is better understood. It can negatively impact relationships and one’s health.  If you or someone you love has a hoarding problem, seek help. There are psychologists and professional organizers who specialize in helping individuals and families overcome this problem.

Use a Secure Shred Service

Hoarding and shredding go hand-in-hand. Schedule a regular shredding service and drop your information off for secure destruction. Depending on how much paper your home generates, you could use a monthly or quarterly shred service. Such services protect your information while reducing the clutter in your home.