Honoring Labor Day

US Flag & Honoring Labor DayA Sergeant Shredder Tradition

We hope you are reading this while you’re relaxing somewhere (as it’s Labor Day). We proudly take the day off, letting all the members of the Sergeant Shredder team celebrate their contribution to what makes this country great.

Many of those who work at our firm have previously served in some government or public-service position such as the military, law enforcement or fire department. We seek to create and commemorate such a commitment to service at Sergeant Shredder. This ensures our customers get unequalled attention and service.

An Old US Tradition

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, honoring Labor Day is one of our nation’s oldest traditions. It was first celebrated locally in parts of the country in 1885 and 1886. A general movement was initiated during this time; Oregon was the first state to pass a law making it a formal holiday. After half the states passed similar laws to honor workers, Congress got on board in 1894; they made it a national holiday to be celebrated the first Monday every September.

The Purpose of Honoring Labor Day

As the name of the holiday so clearly implies, the purpose of the day is to honor labor, the millions of men and women who contributed their blood and sweat to the building of America. It is worth noting the timing of this law’s passage — the height of the Industrial Revolution. This is the powerhouse of economic transformation that so greatly increased the standard of living for workers, setting the stage for the 20th and 21st centuries.

While there is some discussion of who actually first proposed honoring labor and America’s workers, it is commonly agreed that both Peter McGuire and Matthew McGuire played a role. The first formal celebrations of the holiday included parades, bands and picnics, with millions of hardworking Americans enjoying an all-too-rare day off from their long days of work.

Back to Shredding on Tuesday

We’ll be back to work to help you with all your shredding and document disposal needs after taking time for honoring Labor Day. We hope you can take the day off, celebrating one America’s great holidays.