ID Theft at Home

ID Theft is like a Broken ReflectionID theft in Los Angeles poses a threat to residents and their financial well-being. If you keep Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in your home, it is vulnerable to misappropriation despite your best efforts. Thieves look through trash cans and take advantage of any opportunity to exploit loose information. Routine shredding is important for mitigating the risk of ID theft and protecting PII.

What to Protect?

Thieves snatch items sitting around the house including credit card numbers, electronics, tax returns or utility bills, which makes it necessary to tracking sensitive documents and information. People come in and out of homes all the time, making it hard to monitor guests every second of their visit. If you suspect your information was stolen, the FBI suggests monitoring your credit reports and credit cards for unusual transactions. Taking inventory of all the sensitive information in your home and shredding extra documents is the first line of defense against ID theft.

Here at Sergeant Shredder, we recommend you protect sensitive information including:

  • PIN Codes
  • Insurance Documents
  • Legal Records
  • Medical Records
  • Bank Statements

Sustainable Shredding: Protection from ID Theft

We value sustainability and risk mitigation equally. Shredding your documents is an effective way to deter identity thieves. Choose a provider you can trust. For example, we provide on-site service in addition to maintaining drop-off locations. You can trust our personnel, who are either ex-law enforcement or ex-military, to protect your information from misappropriation. We recycle paper and electronic scrap in accordance with state regulations, which helps to preserve the environment for future generations.

Identity thieves often use insidious methods to gain access to your PII. In order to protect your finances, reputation and general well-being, it makes sense to shred documents on a regular basis. That way you and your family don’t fall prey to ID theft.