ID Theft Monitoring

ID Theft Monitoring with ID card ApprovedStay One Step Ahead

As a professional shredder — one that specializes in information destruction — many of our clients ask us what they should look for in monitoring services. When it comes to ID theft monitoring, you always want to stay one step ahead of the identity thieves.

The market to purchase ID protection products continues to grow; it is a multi-billion dollar industry. What we have discovered over time, though, is that you can do quite a bit on your own protecting your identity, without having to pay big money out of pocket.

Just how pivotal is ID theft monitoring?

The importance of monitoring your ID for potential theft is definitely high. The majority of identity theft is in the form of stolen credit cards or manipulation of bank accounts. Access to this information can range from dumpster diving, stealing from an unlocked mailbox, a stolen wallet or purse, or a data breach from a retailer or service provider. The good news is that you financial liability is finite, as regulations set by the U.S. government limits how much is truly your responsibility (usually $50 or less, for each occurrence of a theft).

How to monitor your identity on your own

There are a lot of basic steps you can take for your own self ID theft monitoring. The first and easiest thing to do is to get online access to all of your accounts. Most credit card companies, financial institutions and other creditors provide online access, including mobile apps. That means that you can get access to your online accounts any time that you wish. Checking them periodically to keep an eye out for activity that is out of the ordinary can help. Other tactics, such as monitoring your credit report periodically, will further allow you to keep tabs. Of course, make sure you have safe passwords so your accounts remain securely in your control. That also means securing your hard-drive to keep hackers out.

Diligently Shred

The best way to protect your identity is keep sensitive and confidential information out of your trash. Dumpster diving is an easy low-tech way criminals gain access to the information they need to steal your identity. If you have only a few items to shred each week or month, we offer drop-off locations conveniently located throughout Southern California. For larger jobs, a one-time shredding appointment makes sense. Since our trucks shred 8,000 pounds an hour, we make quick work of any job, large or small. You save time and money (we offer affordable rates) while keeping your identity safe.

Business Identity Theft Too

Businesses aren’t immune to identity theft. In actuality, the risk is higher as financial accounts provide a more lucrative target to the bad guys. Regularly scheduled shredding can minimize this risk; we provide complementary locked document bins.

ID theft monitoring can be accomplished pretty easily, as long as you remain aware of your assets, keep tabs on your finances and protect paper that can be used against you. You do not have to spend an extraordinary amount of money to ensure your ID is protected; start by protecting yourself on your own. Start by routine shredding with a pro like Sergeant Shredder.

How do you monitor your identity online?