Identity Fraud Trends

US Identity FraudLast year, there was one new victim of identity fraud in the United States every three seconds. According to a recent Identity Fraud Report, 5.26 percent of adults were affected by identity theft in the United States in 2012. And the identity fraud problem is getting worse instead of better. With a total of 12.6 million new identity thief victims last year and over $21 billion stolen because of it, it is more important than ever for consumers to take the necessary steps and precautions to protect themselves.

Identity Fraud Is Patient & Smart

Identity thieves are patient and smart; they target both businesses and individuals and they take time to comb through every scrap of information they can get their hands on to build a credit profile under someone else’s name. Most people know that it’s important to shred anything that’s being thrown away that has a name or other personal information on it. Sometimes, however, this is not enough to keep identity thieves at bay.

Household Shredders Can’t Handle Big Jobs

Common household paper shredders are fine for one or two pieces of mail a day or for getting rid of an old document you don’t need anymore. But what if you need to dispose of a whole household full of documents with potentially sensitive information? This is often the case when you’re cleaning out the house of a relative or friend who has died. It is sometimes necessary to do this when you’re moving and/or downsizing and cleaning out your personal files will help clear up some space. Your household shredder can’t deal with large volumes of paper like this. Try it, and you’ll find your shredder is jammed and probably broken before you’ve even made a dent in the mound of documents you need to destroy.

Professional Document Shredding Services Are Perfect for Large Volume Shredding

The easiest and safest way to dispose of a large amount of sensitive household paperwork and thwart identity thieves is to hire a professional document destruction service. Our company can easily take care of all California document shredding needs for individuals and businesses of any size. Volume is not an issue. You won’t have to worry about the shreds of your documents being found by identity thieves and pieced together because all of our shredding is recycled.

Your information is safe in the hands of our professional shredding technicians, as well. We only hire ex-military or former law enforcement personnel who have passed a rigorous background examination. Very few other companies can offer you this level of service and professionalism. Let us handle your document shredding needs so you can sit back with the peace of mind that your sensitive personal information is safe and protected from identity thieves.