Identity Theft Protection with Shredding

Identity TheftThe Problem

Identity theft and fraud is a big problem in America and across the globe. What can you do to protect yourself? Document shredding is quickly taking center stage as a needed and important part of protecting your data and your life. In addition to this, more companies are in fear of liability lawsuits regarding the HIPAA & FACTA laws. Both laws protect a person’s valuable, sensitive health, and other information from falling into the wrong hands, even after the information is no longer needed.

But the problem is that some home shredders may not do the job efficiently. You need professional grade equipment and technicians to do the job for you. Don’t risk your identity or others by throwing away documents without proper disposal and shredding.

Protect Family Members

If a family member has recently passed away, you owe it to that person to protect their information. Some identity theft takes place after someone dies. Thieves sometimes actively look for data on people who recently died in order to obtain their social security numbers, valuable personal data, and other information that they can reuse. You do not want this information falling into the wrong hands. Professional document shredding takes care of this problem.

Liability for Business Owners

Business owners have legal liability involving sensitive medical or other information on employees, as well as patients. Doctors and dentists have a legal requirement to “digitize” patient files and information by 2015 for HIPAA compliance. In addition, in 2003, the FACTA law went into effect, which instigated added safeguards to protect consumers’ data from identity theft and misuse and protect financial information from the public.

The Solution

Document shredding is a necessary part of the process of securing important data and ensuring that others do not have access to this information. If you want this done correctly, you need to trust in shredding experts so you don’t have to worry about it yourself.

Going Green

In addition, once documents and other sensitive materials are disposed of, you want a company that recycles all the materials. Earth-friendly recycling enables paper and other materials to be used again and again. No worries about adding to landfill. Plus it takes it off your hands where you no longer have to worry about it.

Protect your valuable information from prying eyes by document shredding. At Sergeant Shredder we take document destruction seriously. It’s an effective identity theft deterrent and protects your valuable information. After all, it’s your life.